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                    In early 1980s, Nobel laureate Dr. T. D. Lee of Columbia University started a program to introduce the best of physics graduates in China to universities in North America. This program was called China-U.S. Physics Examination and Application program (CUSPEA). Every year, about 100 students were selected through written and oral exams, and then accepted by participating universities for graduate study in physics. The CUSPEA program lasted for many years, and introduced many hundreds and perhaps more than a thousand Chinese physics graduates to North America.

                    This program has had significant impact both in the U.S. and China. Today, participants of the CUSPEA program are professionals in their fields. Most of them have chosen to stay in western countries.

                    This website is setup to help CUSPEA participants to keep in touch, and be aware of the achievements of fellow Cuspeans.

                    Personal pages of Cuspeans are organized according to the year in which the participant arrived in North America.

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A Famous CUSPEAN: Zhang Chaoyang, CEO of SoHu


In Memory of Harvard Graduate, UCLA Professor:   Feng Sheqiao


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